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About us

In our ambition to contribute to an incident and pollution free world we are dedicated to inspire people to take responsibility in the field of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Over the years we collected plenty of evidence to show that operational excellence in production and in HSE can go hand in hand: improving key HSE processes helps to optimize performance, save money, save lives and limit damage to the environment.

We support the industry in combining an ambition for Zero Incidents with challenging production targets and/or necessary reductions in costs and staff. With our expertise, best practices and tooling in HSE process management we bring ambitious industry corporates measurable results in both safety and efficiency. Better collaboration and more grip in the five key HSE processes enable them to continuously improve on both. 

We founded iBanx in 2000. Over the past 15 years our company developed from an expert in process optimization in the industry to an expert in the field of HSE. 

Based on our experience and knowledge, we designed our own unique methodology to achieve measurable improvements in safety processes. More than 30,000 employees in companies like Akzo Nobel, ASML, Borealis, Cargill, DSM, Momentive and Total daily benefit by our best practices, HSE software suite Unite, performance analytics and change methods.

What didn't change over the years is our focus on the human factor in industry: time and again we prove that if the cooperation between people and departments improves, the results in terms of safety and operational efficiency also improve.