Challenges for plant management

Operational Excellence in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is becoming ever more important. It is a process driven by both public opinion and government policy.

Fortunately there is plenty of evidence to show that operational excellence in production and in HSE can go hand in hand: improved HSE performance helps to optimize processes, save money, save lives and limit damage to the environment. In short, it leads to achievements you can be proud of.

In practice, many HSE processes are not only related to primary processes, but also to one another. However, a lack of transparency means that the various people involved often operate within the confines of their own individual disciplines.

Top 5 HSE challenges

  • How do we obtain a better overview of all essential actions in HSE processes?
  • How can we lighten the administrative burden of HSE?
  • How can we achieve a close-the-loop approach and ensure that everyone works uniformly and learns from one another?
  • How do we take a simple approach to making HSE performance available for analysis, determining actions and establishing improvements?
  • How do we ensure that people take responsibility for HSE matters all along the line instead of referring everything to the HSE manager?

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