Operational Excellence in HSE

Collaborating safer and more efficiently with best practice HSE processes and industry software

To be able to improve HSE performance and achieve production goals at the same time, it is essential that all involved collaborate in an aligned way. That, at any time, all relevant parties in a plant have an up-to-the-minute window on HSE-related actions that are planned, in progress and concluded. But also, that everybody learns from past experiences. Knowledge and experience has to be integrated in the best practice to be able to improve on HSE KPIs. iBanx's best practices and integrated HSE software enable the entire plant to take a step towards HSE and Operational Excellence.

HSE processes
Smooth work processes enable plants to quickly execute a lot of work at a high safety level. Within the field of Health, Safety & Environment, we help you move forward on them with our best practices.

HSE software
Unite, the HSE power suite ensures the integration of processes, information and systems, resulting in individuals, teams and departments to collaborate more efficiently and improved HSE performance.

The iBanx Implementation Methodology enables you to make changes that produce results. This 10-step method can be successfully applied to every implementation, whether this involves the optimization of a process or one or more Uniteā„¢ modules.

A full range of tailored services delivers you bottom-line results.

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