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Improving HSE processes

Smooth work processes are an important factor in safe operations and maintenance. It enables people in plants to quickly execute large amounts of work at a high safety level.

Human Process Management is about business processes that strongly depend on human interaction. Characteristic about these dynamic processes is that they are rarely identical, and always dependent on context, human evaluation and insight. 

Within the field of Health, Safety & Environment, the crucial processes are:

Permit to Work 
Requesting, assessing and managing tasks at the plant

Isolation (Lockout/Tagout) 
Determining and managing safety measures in the plant

Production Information Handover 
Managing and transferring information between teams concerning the status of the installation and tasks to be carried out

Incident Management 
Registering and managing safety observations and checking the implementation of follow-up actions

Management of Change
Management of all changes (installation, procedure, process, organization) and safeguarding the necessary follow-up steps.

Optimal preparation and communication ensure a more predictable production planning and reduce the number of disturbances, incidents and accidents. All parties involved need a clear overview of the status of the installation and ongoing and planned activities. At the shift handover the status of all permits has to be clear and important work needs to get the attention it deserves.